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Our motivation

Aviation – engine of the global economy

Innovation is the driving force of aviation. With new ideas, new technologies and improved processes, air traffic has grown to its present importance. The demand for air transport services continues to grow and makes air transport thus become a major driver of world economy.

For the growth of air traffic there is only one reason: the demand of customers for whom the services of aviation are the foundation of their business activities, or a part of their quality of life.

Innovation instead of restricion

The downside of growing air traffic, however, is increasing pressure on the environment, especially for people living near airports. The key challenges for the modern aviation are therefore:

  • noise protecion
  • climate protection and
  • economics

Technical problems require technical solutions. Prohibitions, restrictions and additional duties or taxes make airplanes neither more quiet nor more environmentally friendly.

But better technology can only be effective if it is procured on a broad basis, that is to be economically generated by the operators of aircraft and infrastructure. Ecology and economy are therefore inextricably connected.

Improving the Eco-Efficiency

The improvement if eco-efficiency, i.e. improving the environmental performance and efficiency of air traffic, is therefore the central task, which all stakeholders involved in aviation have to face today.

The objective of IASA is to accompany aviation step by step on the road to a sustainable future and to support that way the desire of the people for a more freely, affordable and environmentally sound, that is eco-efficient mobility.