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Our objectives

  • We support an objectify public discussions by supplying proper and professional information.
  • We draw attention to holistic efforts to improve eco-efficiency in the aviation sector, because a strong, eco-efficient aviation is not feasible without eco-efficient aircraft, without eco-efficient infrastructure and without eco-efficient processes.
  • We promote the constructive cooperation of all stakeholders in science, industry and aviation industry, in politics, associations and the media through interdisciplinary, current and practical information and modern networking.
  • We clarify the services of air transport in the economic, environmental and social sectors to the inside and outside.

Our self-conception

IASA sees itself as an ideational institution for the promotion of sustainability in the aviation sector (Sustainable Aviation). In this capacity, it supports, among other things conferences, seminars and workshops as well as the timely information of its members and the aviation community about the latest developments the sustainability in aviation.