Meetings, conferences and trade shows

We organize and moderate meetings, trade shows and conferences about sustainable aviation. Our experience in conference and exhibition management, as well as our numerous contacts in the decision-making levels of international aviation guarantee high-level and competent speakers and visitors at our events.

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For example take the conference GREENER SKIES AHEAD 2014 – 6th Intl. Conference on Sustainable Aviation and the Future of Air Transport, to which we have contributed as an official partner. The Greener Skies Ahead Conference is successfully organized for years by our partner RD AeroSpace Consult.

The conference program of last year can be downloaded here.


GSA_hochThe well-attended conference showed once again a wide range of innovative ideas around the subject of sustainable aviation.


Conference Greener Skies Ahead 2014

Documentation of the symposium “Greener Skies Ahead 2014”

Below you will find released presentations of the conference Greener Skies Ahead of 11 December 2014:

Direct_Liquefaction_of_Biocoals_UniS (Second Generation Biofuels)
PD Dr. Yvonne Traa, Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Technische Chemie

Rainer Schweppe, JTI Clean Sky Steering Committee, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology

Dipl. Phys. Hans Niedzballa

Christian Sturm, AeroCompany

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Wühle, IASA e.V.

Dr. Axel Laistner, Laistner Consult XL-Aero

Dr. rer. nat. Werner Zittel, Ludwig-Bölkow-Stiftung

Dipl.-Ing. Ruediger Hinze, Senior Adviser / CIT GmbH / RHP-Consult