Heathrow:  “Garden Gate” planted and growing at  Terminal 3 

Heathrow, October 10, 2016: Passengers flying from Terminal 3, Gate 25, will now be treated to a garden of 1,680 plants. Heathrow’s new “Garden Gate,” installed by urban greening specialists Biotecture, will be trialled for the next 6 months. If the trial is a success, Heathrow will explore implementing Garden Gates across the airport.

Garden Gate

The Garden Gate is comprised of 7 panels,  1.8m high x 2.4m wide, each containing 240 plants. Each plant panel is fitted with a water reservoir and nutrient system which allows the wall to flourish for an extended period of time in an artificial environment. Advancements in LED technology enables indoor plant growth using less energy (e.g. more light and less heat).

The plant selection is largely based on early research conducted by Dr Bill Wolverton on behalf of NASA to prove that plants, namely the English Ivy and the Peace Lily, absorbed the air around them, translocated it to their roots, where organisms turned some air particles into food for the plant.

Heathrow’s new Garden Gate is its latest effort to make every journey better, following a record-breaking first half of 2016 which saw the highest passenger satisfaction scores to date. It will provide an eco-sanctuary within Britain’s busiest airport. Academic research points to a correlation between calm, comfort and relaxation and exposure to plants.

Emma Gilthorpe, Strategy Director at Heathrow says: “We are proud to have received our best ever passenger service scores to date this summer, but we are always keen to make our passengers’ journeys better.  With our new Garden Gate, our passengers can enjoy a natural sanctuary of rest and relaxation as they make their way through the airport, with 1,680 plants ready to see them on their way.”

On average, 287,274 passengers go through Gate 25, Terminal 3, every year.

Heathrow:  “Garden Gate” planted and growing at  Terminal 3

Transportation hubs are ideal locations for green infrastructure as shown at Heathrow airport

Source: Heathrow Airport