Joint European Efforts to Improve Aircraft Design

Airbus partners with ONERA and DLR on next-gen Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilities

Singapore, February 1, 2018: Following a recent joint agreement in Toulouse, Airbus is partnering with ONERA, a French aerospace research centre, and DLR, the German aerospace research centre, with the goal of jointly developing common next-generation computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities for advanced airflow prediction, which will play a key role in the development of any future aircraft. These new CFD capabilities, once they are validated and mature, will provide engineers with a powerful tool – in particular to simulate aerodynamics for very complex aircraft manoeuvres – encompassing the entire flight envelope. This partnership brings together France and Germany’s best talents in CFD technology and will play an important role in securing long-term collaborative development projects. In particular, it will allow ONERA, DLR and Airbus to accelerate their activities far beyond what a single entity could achieve, with the ultimate goal to design the best aircraft possible.

Source: Airbus