Schiphol Supports Electric Driving

IASA: Nachhaltige Luftfahrt - Sustainable Aviation

New parking area for electric vehicles

Schiphol, April, 2017:  Vehicles operated at and around Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport are Increasingly electric powered. More and more, the conventional petrol and diesel variants are being traded in for electric models. In fact, when it comes to electric driving, no other airport anywhere boasts as many electrically powered vehicles.

Though electrically powered options are not available in all vehicle categories yet, where they are, Schiphol is using them. Electric vehicles can be found all over the airport. For passenger transportation between gates and remote parking positions the airport is already operating a fleet of 37 electric buses. Also more and more of the platforms that are used to load cargo into an aircraft are electrically powered. There are now 167 Tesla taxis driving at Schiphol, all CO2-neutral, quiet and comfortable. As from this fall, Schiphol will have a unique parking area for electric vehicles, called the Solar Car Park. Visitors will be able to see it from a vantage point at the top of Pier E. The roof will be completely clad with solar panels and the energy they generate will be used to charge the baggage tractors at night. Replacing conventional by electric vehicles is not cheap, but Schiphol wants to set an example for others to follow!

Source: Schiphol Airport