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IASA Board of Directors

  Michael Wühle
 Rudolf Dörpinghaus Michael Wühle
Rudolf (Rolf) Dörpinghaus is founder and President of
IASA e.V. and furthermore an internationally renowned aviation consultant.E-Mail: rd@iasaev.org
Phone: +49 172 2022493

Michael Wühle is founder and Senior Vice President of
IASA e.V. and experienced expert in aviation management and sustainability.

E-Mail: mw@iasaev.org
Phone: +49 157 79273348

Sustainability and aviation, a contradiction?

No, quite the contrary. Sustainability is the key to the further successful development of global aviation.

Sustainability saves costs and increases profits. Sustainability reconciles aviation with the environment. Sustainability takes the people involved into the future.

The IASA experts have gathered valuable information and insights from all areas of aviation. Its members share the belief that sustainable structures and sustainable organizations will be the entrepreneurial vision of the 21st century.

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The current IASA_Flyer for download: IASA_Flyer_en

If you want to actively support our non-profit organization, you will find the digital application for your IASA membership here.