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The International Magazine on Sustainable Aviation


International Issue

Published by: International Association for Sustainable Aviation e.V.
53175 Bonn
Rudolf (Rolf) Doerpinghaus, Michael Wuehle
Godesberger Allee 70
Editor-in-Chief: Rudolf (Rolf) Doerpinghaus
Executive Editor:
Editorial Staff: Ralf Nolting
Special Correspondents Dr. Axel Laistner, Michael Wuehle
Staff Photographer: Marlene Doerpinghaus
Editorial Office: IASAjournal
53175 Bonn
Godesberger Allee 70

The IASA Journal is published by the International Association for Sustainable Aviation e. V. (IASA) for anyone interested in promoting sustainability in aviation and is distributed free of charge to applicants interested in sustainability.

While every care is taken to provide accurate information, IASA as publisher as well as the editorial staff cannot accept liability for omissions or errors no matter how and when they may arise. Authors or third party opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher or the editorial staff.

All rights resereved. © 2016 by International Association for Sustainable Aviation e.V. (IASA). No part of the publication may be reproduced or distributed without or prior to a written permission issued by the publisher.