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IASA Certified Sustainability®

Already today the consumer decision in favor or rejection of a product, either for or against a service is often depending on whether the product or service is made/supplied using sustainable resources, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, climate-friendly and socially acceptable.

IASA Certified Sustainability

The Label of IASA Certified Sustainability

We have developed our own IASA-quality seal that distinguishes sustainable companies and organizations. Evidence of sustainability is checked through the certification process Sustainability Now® and a positive result is certified. Thus the certified company receives a unique feature and can position itself more successfully in the market. Furthermore as a result an internal process within certified company or the organization is triggered, which guides it on the path to a sustainable future.


To download the product brochure, please click here: Certification-Flyer

IASA Certified Sustainability® – the unique and patented label for sustainability in aviation

Airports, Airlines, Suppliers, Catering, Maintenance, Security, Aircraft Manufacturer, Terminal Services, Ground-Handler,  Facility Manager, etc.


More information on the label and the certification process can be found at the following link: IASA Certified Sustainability®

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