IASA: Nachhaltige Luftfahrt - Sustainable Aviation

On February 3, 2015 certificates were presented to a first group of auditors in the IASA-office in Bonn. The IASA members Christian Sturm, Jeniffer Conzen and Dr. Axel Laistner (see photo) had been preparing intensively for a few weeks for the organization-internal exam and have it passed successfully. The newly-minted auditors can introduce now the certification system “Sustainability. Now.” at enterprises and organizations which leads to the award of the quality label” Certified IASA Sustainabiliy “.


IASA: Nachhaltige Luftfahrt - Sustainable Aviation

An interview with the IASA Executive Michael Wühle appeared in the January issue of the journal “forum Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften ” (forum Sustainable Economies) under the title ” No Fear of Flying “

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