Schiphol: International Award for Noise-Reducing Park 

noise reduction - sustainable aviation

Reducing ground noise by ground ridge expansion

Amsterdam, Schiphol, March 1, 2017: H+N+S Landschapsarchitecten and Royal Schiphol Group are the winners of the Jay Hollingsworth Speas Airport Award for the new Buitenschot Land Art Park, located next to Amsterdam’s airport.  The award is co-sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American Association of Airport Executives and the Airport Consultants Council.

The Buitenschot Land Art Park is situated north of the community of Hoofddorp and south of Schiphol’s 18R-36L runway. The park features low hills – ‘ground ridges’ – that reduce the ground noise produced by aircraft taking off, which in turn lowers the level of noise disturbance in Hoofddorp.

Ground noise is the low-frequency noise emitted by aircraft during take-off. The ridges in the park serve as sound barriers. Thanks to these ground ridges, Schiphol has reduced ground noise by 5.5 dB.

Schiphol is still working on initiatives to further reduce noise. For example by discouraging noisy aircraft and through additional ground ridges that were constructed recently.

noise reduction - sustainable aviation

In addition to reducing aircraft ground noise, Buitenschot also serves as a recreational park and is open to everyone. Also art plays a major role in the park

Source: Schiphol Airport