Sustainable Aviation

Air Transport – The World’s Economic Powerhouse

Innovation is the driving force behind aviation. Constantly evolving ideas, cutting-edge technologies and improving processes have placed air transport at the forefront of mod- ern transportation and the world’s economy. The global demand for air transport services continues to grow and this makes the aviation industry one of the most important driv- ing forces of the worldwide economy.

There is only one reason for the steady growth of aviation: The demand for reliable, safe and affordable mobility that is essential for a healthy and forward moving global economy.

More Innovation Instead of More Constraints

The downside of an expanding air transport industry, howev- er, is its increasing impact on the environment, most directly for the communities near airports. The key challenges for today’s aviation, therefore, are

  • Noise abatement,
  • Climate protection and
  • Cost-efficient solutions

Technological problems require technological solutions. Bans, restrictions and fees or taxes will not silence airplanes or make them more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Better technology can only make an impact on air transport as long as it is affordable for aviation and the airline industry. The inescapable truth is that ecology and economy are inex- tricably connected.

Improving Eco-efficiency

Therefore, the overarching challenge is to improve eco-effi- ciency and profitability in aviation and the air transport chain as a whole.

It is the goal of IASA to highlight and answer these questions by challenging conventional notions and by supporting inno- vation. IASA will probe the issues and solutions and guide every step on the path to a sustainable future – a future that contributes to our shared desire for an unreserved, affordable, and sustainable, but also eco-efficient mobility.

IASA: Our Program

  • We contribute to an objective public dialog on sustainability and the future of aviation through expert and factual information.
  • We keep the focus on improving aviation’s performance
    as a whole, because a strong, eco-efficient aviation sector is unimaginable without eco-efficient aircraft, eco-efficient infrastructure and eco-efficient policies and practices.
  • We promote constructive cooperation of all key actors in the fields of science, industry, and aviation-related economics, as well as in politics, organizations, trade and media. Cooperation is only beneficial through the integrated dialog of all disciplines and state-of-the-art networking methods.
  • We cast a bright spotlight on the achievements of aviation and especially the air transport sector in the economic, ecological and social spheres – both inside and outside the industry.

IASA: Our Mission

  • IASA is an independent, non-profit association under German law aiming to support the progress of sustainability in aviation as a whole. In this capacity, IASA facilitates and supports technical conferences, seminars and workshops. IASA also provides current information about and analytical insight into sustainable aviation to its members, the professional aerospace community and the general public.
  • By becoming an IASA member you will signal your personal commitment to a modern, sustainable aviation and air transport sector as a whole.